Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tropical Hut Hamburger

Before Jollibee, before McDonald's, before Burger King, before anyone else, it seems, there is Tropical Hut Hamburger. And hamburger it is, indeed the best it could ever be. But that was long ago. Now, Tropical is just a vestige of its former self.

Everyone suspects that their hamburger is where Jollibee's came from - They almost have the same taste. Their fried chicken is also just like Jollibee's, but this time it was Tropical who copied it. Tropical has other food selections, like Bistek (a local version of beef steak er strips) and other sandwiches. However, the place is not world class. It is not as clean nor as well kempt as McDonald's or Jollibee. And they have a very poor image. Although food is good, you wouldn't want to be seen there.

Tropical Hut Summary:
Food: Hamburger, spaghetti, Fried Chicken, Local breakfasts, Salads, sandwiches, etc.
Website: (link)
Delivery Telephone: 755-8000
Online Order?: No


  1. This is not an order but a comment intended to be read by your HR charge of the your personnel in Tropical Hut-Tropical Avenue, BF Paranaque branch (the site fronting the Starbucks).

    This is a complaint re your supervisor in that BF Tropical site- her name is VER.... closing time schedule... I strongly recommend that this lady be fired out of her job from Tropical as she doesn't know the real meaning of MORALITY ...

    VER deserves to be out of Tropical.... common sense dictates that while performing her duty, she's supposed to do her job, instead of doing flirty things with Tropical client specifically male. She seduced my boyfriend (soon to be husband)... and worse ... I caught them in my house.... in BF.... in my room... and in my bed... this i presumed... being done repeatedly... The house is conjugally owned ... common sense dictates again that she shouldn't go beyond this limitation ... where is her sense of morality... she deserves to be kicked out of Tropical ... as she violates the social responsiblity of the company as well as the image keeping task.

    I can see you personally in case you want to validate this info. But I want you to act on this ASAP as VER's action is a threat to the community of Paranaque. She supposed not to destroy any relationship (especially the 15-year relationship)... instead, VER , is supposed to build the image of Tropical.

    - Tropical client

    1. gurl wala akong pakielam dito pero sana tanggapin mo din na may kasalanan din ang jowa mo.. ganun lang un..kung d nya talaga gusto e d walang mangyayaring ganun... simple.. e for sure kaya nag karoon ng ganyang issue e nag paakit naman ung jowa mo.. hahaha be mature...come on... suggestion ko lang yun hehehe d ko kayo kilala pero nabasa ko e.. kaya nag comment ako.. anyway ni published mo naman wag ka sana magalit kung nag comment ang lola mo...

  2. So why didn't he run?
    Genesis 39:3-12

  3. Complaint regarding Tropical Hut, Stop and Shop in Sta. Mesa

  4. My experience with the Stop and Shop Tropical Hut Branch. Today, I ordered their Torpical Hotdog Value Meal and the egg came with black underside. The manager said that it was because of the grill. Well, they could have cleaned it well. Yesterday, the fried rice smelled spoiled. I vowed not to patronize that branch. It's sad because TP can serve good meals if it wants to. I guess the franchisee does is not running the branch well. Head office should take a look.

  5. i have a COMPLAINT in TROPICAL HUT IN GRANDCENTRAL CALOOCAN i order in the counter I order extrarice and i change my order to chicken withrice and she blaming me.. her named "grace" she's very rude!! because she said "sir eto po yung change nyo.. and v-noid nyo po ako sir!" shes very unprofessional!! just a change of extra-rice to chicken with rice... its no my fault to have a void?? its customers right to change and chooose an order and its her obligation/job to change the order or voiding on it... im a customer and a patronizing in tropical hut caloocan.. after that when im waiting to my food to be served, there is a problem again.. i order shanghai w/ burgersteak and chicken with rice.. and the waiter serve me shanghai with rice only.. and i told that there is missing on it.. "kuya inorder ko po shanghai w/ burger kulang po ito may burger p po. shanghai lang to.." and the waiter return back to the counter after that.. the counter waitress named grace. told me again "sir sinabi nyo po shanghai with rice. miss ang sabi ko shanghai with burger.. sir vinoid nyo n po ako kanina sa rice.. ngaun pagpapaluwalin nyo p ako.. sir kung gusto nyo mag add nalang kayo para madagdagan nang burger steak." shes very rude im working in the hospitality industry i dont want to be happened again to those people who well patronizing the tropical hut at caloocan.. shes so rude im not a kind of those people that are ignorant that she can expect at me?! so that to those people are patronizing at tropicalhut caloocan you can see her at counter named "grace" shes veryvery rude!! i hope that the management will an take action with this kind of employees..

    1. Your grammar is bad and you should feel bad.

    2. hahaha you are so mean... hahahaha kaloka to ha...

  6. I wish to inform the management to audit the receipts especially at Tropical Hut, Scout Borromeo Branch. My father, who is a senior citizen is a constant customer of Tropical Hut. There was senior citizen discount, but there is no VAT deduction on his bill. When he call the attention of the cashier name Pamela, she immediately gave the change of P11.00 for the VAT. There are several incidences that the cashier is not properly punching the deductions. How many senior citizens will take notice on this? There might be a connivance on some of the tropical hut crews on this. Please look into this matter immediately. Thank you.
    If you have any further inquiries, you may call me at 3615583 or email me at
    Sherry Lyn Mabacquiao

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  8. I would like to inform the Management of Tropical Hut in Panay, Quezon City Branch about the crew and the Store Manager of the said Branch.

    On January 22, 2011, morning, I went to the store to eat accompanied by my housemaid. We ordered Spaghetti with burger, Burger regular, palabok and Hotdog and then I also ordered 2 pcs. of Bangus, 1 Macaroni Salad, 1 Fruit Salad, 1 Classic Hamburger and 5 pcs. Chicken Nuggets (which is the new meal (promo) of Tropical Hut) for take out. When I got home, I noticed that the cashier charged me Php.110.00 for just 5 pcs. Chicken nuggets. After a week, I called the Store to complain the over charged bill. The Store Manager named FERDINAND CRUZ was the one who attended to my complain. I told him to look at the history of my orders thru their POINT OF SALE System and he said he will return the call as soon as he gets the history of order. I gave him my number to contact and I waited enough time for him to check the history of order but he didn't return the call that is why I decided to call again. His excuse for not returning the call is because the history of orders can no longer be viewed to their system. I accepted his reason (which I know, is just a lamed excuse) and just concentrate on my complain about the crew who over charged me about the nuggets to do a report. Instead of attending to what my request, the Store Manager FERDINAND CRUZ just told me that someone who worked in their store before knew me as if that "thing" would help to clear the issue. I got mad because I felt that my complaint was took for granted. My point is that he should not mention/dropping names so that he can be able to clear things up just like that. He should be more responsible to do his duties and attend to what the customer feels and to look after to his crew and staff. He should act maturely because he is a Store Manager and as a Store Manager he should be the one to correct the wrong doings of his staff and not to tolerate them.

    I hope the Management will attend on this matter.

  9. Masarap yung Hawaiian Burger nila nung bata pa ako sa MAKATI Branch. Sa iba parang hindi ko na maintindihan ang lasa..."When you're hungry (papparappararaap) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is the place to be...burger, french fries, fried chicken, chicken BBQ, palabok, en spaghetti."

  10. Hi Greay day,
    I have a complain, This is located at Tropical hut Munoz Branch.
    Around 8:00 pm this December 24th 2012, we order 1pc meal chicken with drinks, Quantity of 2 (two), for takeout we decided to stay and eat there , after they gave my order I ask them if its ok to changes it in to big part of chicken, The cashier says that there is no more chicken available, (pano nya nalaman) though she didn’t even ask kitchen crew, then “Ian” (dinning crew) give me a big part of chicken. So Lokohan?
    Then while im I discovered HILAW ang chicken, it really make me mad then they decide gtyo cook it again but it was so embracing I talk to the Manager (nonoy or Nonong) I want to Refund it. He said if its ok na 1 order lang! of course not. Then he is asking for the receipt but I don’t know where is it, he is yelling at me where is the receipt he ask me so many times….. (I have knowledge sa POS) he can re-print it. Right? Pero di nya ginawa!
    He said (grabe ka posibleng walang resibo yan, I response eh sa hindi alam kung nasan, eh kung i complain kaya kita. Then he said “wala ako pakealam kahit ano pang gawin mo mareretire nanaman ako”) it really piss me off, of what he said.
    The dinning crew give me 200 php he said na sir ako nalang po ang mag babayad, kasi po ako daw ang may kasalanan.
    Wondering bkit kailangan i charge sa crew kung pwede naman i-refund.
    Please do an action on this issue, na parang ako pa dapat na susunod sa manager sa gusto nyang mangyari, Im a costumer and as far as I know wala naman ako ginawa nag bayad ako ng tama so I deserve na nice service ang babalik akin.
    FYI: waang kasalan yung dinning crew hindi dapat yon ang nangyari, at alam nyo kung ano ang dapat gawin sa manager
    If you have other question just let me know.

  11. Hi Ma'am/Sir,
    I have a question: How and where i can get the RDO number from your Company. dati po akong service crew ng tropical hut farmers plaza...please give me some information:
    this is my email:

    thats all thanks in advance

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  13. Hi! Good day! I just want to file a complaint about the tropical hut branch in Eliptical road in Quezon city. It was 8:56 in the morning when we arrived in the said branch. Me and my buddy, place an order for hotcake meal for 50.00 and hot cake with ham for 67.00. While the crew are preparing the order, I saw a crawling insect behind the order tray where the utensils were place. Utensils includes, fork, knife and 2 cups of coffee, creamer and stirrer. After few seconds, the said insect crawl into the utensils inside that tray. I ask the one of the crew to remove amd replace those utensils, but, instead the crew starred at me. So i ask her once again and thats the time she had it replace those utensils. I took picture of that insect... A cackcroach where it is on the top of the utensils. I really hate cackcroaches. And at the same time, tropical hut restaurants should be clean and free from all insects. Iwill send this photos to the management of Tropical hut so that they can have an action with this or else I'll post this to all sort of media, including tv's so that people will be aware of how unclean the tropical hut restaurants are. Im hoping that i can get a reply from the management as soon as possible. You can reach me thru my email add:

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