Sunday, July 19, 2009


Thanks to Greenwich - the Pizza fastfood restaurant, Filipinos are able to pronounce Greenwich - the town in Southeast London, UK (and of the GMT fame). And that is about what has this fastfood chain contributed to the Philippines. Greenwich Pizza offers inexpensive Pizza, and surely you get what you pay for. Many Filipinos though love the taste - which is mostly sweet, enough to earn the claim of being the number one pizza chain in the country. But at Greenwich, real Pizza lovers won't be able to realize they are eating pizza. I have not been to Greenwich for some time (years) though and I didn't miss them. But they must have improved their taste now.

The following is the Greenwhich menu found in their website (click to enlarge):

Greenwhich Summary:

Food: Pizza, spaghetti, Rice meals, Fried Chicken, etc.
Website: (link)
Delivery Telephone: 5-55-55


  1. There is an overpricing at Greenwich South Luzon Expressway. The breakfast meal which is regularly priced at P99, is P119 in this branch. We wish to request the management to look into this overpricing. Thank you.

    1. hi mam sherry lyn, what you have experience also happens in other fastfood and convenience store, it simply because of the location, the usual pricing that you normally see in the television is offered within metro manila. its not just their overpricing. im saying theses things because i myself have experienced it and that what i have said is according to the staff of one of the leading convenience store in the philippines..^____^

  2. hi, can i ask some about information or historical story about how the greenwich started and when? i can't find it through research. i just need some information about this to comply my thesis introduction. THANKYOU IN ADVANCE.

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